SmartBodyPanels - Terms and Conditions 

We sell parts only for the SMART brand; no other makes/models.

Liabilities :

Parts : We sell (in nearly every case) NEW parts. In a very few instances, a part can be described as "as new", and will say why we are selling it - maybe because Smart have ceased manufacturing it any longer. We are not breaking or stripping cars - if this is what you want, you need to find a car breaker. You will then find that the prices you pay can be more expensive than buying new, with no guarantee to fit your car, or in an unsuitable condition as well.....for example - Do you know how many front wing body panels (Left or Right, doesn't matter) were made to fit a 2002 Smart? THREE. And only one will fit your particular car.

Our parts are guaranteed to be what you ordered, to fit the car model you selected online.

We need to know your car's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) -  to ensure  you have ordered the correct parts (this VIN number is in your car documents, in the service book, also engraved on your chassis usually under the rear boot carpet above the engine hatch. We will check it by the official Smart Parts Catalogue so the parts are as fitted on your car in production. If you don’t give us your VIN, we can send you parts only if we know that they are generic to the model; you can cause you a delay if we then have to correspond with you for the VIN.

Website : In some cases the website may show a part as having a zero quantity - so it is not possible to order. Email us and we will investigate whether still available (may involve a price increase).

Although every effort has been made to ensure that the information on this site is correct we cannot guarantee there are no inaccuracies. We will endeavour to correct anything brought to our attention.

True picture illustrations are shown wherever possible, occasionally we may have relied on a generic picture or a diagram from the Smart Parts Catalogue. We hope you enjoy what you see and find the contents of our web site useful.

All prices are shown in the UK currency Great Britain POUNDS (GBP, also known as Sterling). For customers outside UK your card will be charged in your own currency; you can easily find an online calculator for your own currency against the Pound, to tell you exactly what you will be charged on your card statement.

Payments are made by Credit or Debit card only - we of course use a secure payment page. Paypal is an option for low values only due to the commission deducted.

Shipping Calculation Problems : If you should get the message in the Checkout saying "No shipping prices available" - this happens due to the many and varied combinations of items, their weights, sizes and prices, and which country we are to send it to - We have many shipping tables for every country/world region and we may need to make a little "tweek" to a table to fix it - so don't give up, email us.

Ordering : We can never guarantee that every item shown and listed is always ex-stock due to varying demand and supply. Some parts are produced in Germany or Italy. If an item is not immediately available, and we know it will take more than a few days, we will contact you by email or telephone.

Painting : is a SERVICE done to order, the painter is a separate business nearby, who fits our work in and around his own work - there will be a short delay of up to 5 working days. When finished we pack it and ship by the cheapest carrier we can find.

Sides of your Car : For body panels, make sure you know your LEFT from RIGHT. Sides are always told as when you are sitting inside the car, See diagram below.

LeftRightSidesDirectonShakeHandsR R 3

Any panel ordered for wrong side is customers responsibility; it will be necessary for the buyer to return the wrong panel at his expense, we will then get the correct side painted; a 25% fee will be charged for us to restock the first wrong one; there will of course be a charge also for us to ship the second (correct sided) panel. If WE have somehow managed to send out the wrong part, we will recover it back at our cost.

These rights are in addition to those relating to faulty or misdescribed goods.

If goods are returned as faulty, generally we will provide a replacement, after the package has been returned to us.

If the packaging is damaged, customer should firstly tell the delivering carrier to wait while you open and inspect it; otherwise if you open a good looking box and find some damage then immediately (same day if possible) report the same to the carrier - carrier companies can be very difficult over this if time has elapsed may refuse altogether. We will follow this up with the carrier to claim under the shipping insurance we pay. The item should be photographed and pictures sent to us; if the carrier accepts the claim we will make the refund, the package may then not need necessarily to be returned.