Smart 451 - Complete Front Strut Pre-Assembled 451STRUT_229

£ 170.00 each Weight: 4.999 kg

Single or Pair?

451 Fortwos ONLY - Front Strut all new parts fully assembled and ready to fit.

Nobody else supplies a built-up complete unit.

This means old one out, new one in, no dismantling, no need of spring clamps, so means lower labour cost as well.
Fits all 451 Fortwos (see comment beneath for Brabus) - for all years 2007 to 2013.

This does NOT fit Fortwo from 2001- 2006 (the 450 model which had different design shock absorber - see 450 section - click HERE).
Makes savings on the component parts, which are about £40 more, if bought from Mercedes (Smart).

PRICE IS ONE SIDE ONLY. It is always recommended to change both sides at same time, to retain evenness in the suspension, one new shock absorber will be much stiffer than the older worn one!

PRICE: The 451 unit shock absorber has higher cost than 450.

Brabus (Sports) shock absorber (silver colour) is possible option (reduces ride height by approx 15mm) - higher price (may be 2x to 3x the normal spring), we could get you a quote on request. We could also investigate price of the Brabus shocker also.