Smart 450-451-452 - Front Bump Stop - short 0009975v003

bumpstop_not_citySmart 450-451-452 - Front Bump Stop - shortSmart 450-451-452 - Front Bump Stop - shortSmart 450-451-452 - Front Bump Stop - short
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Rubber Bump Stop, (smart say Disc Spring)
Shortened type, to be used only in conjuction with Disc Spacer
This is on all roadsters, and 450 fortwos made only after 2002.
So DO NOT FIT to 2001,2002 suspension unless also fitting Disc Spacer at same time.

Price is for ONE side, one item ONLY. Smart price is £16 each....

NOTE : SPACER strut_bumpstopearlyl_1541055812

The Spacer part was standard fitment after 2002 on all 450-452-451 models in combination with the smaller height Bumpstop. Before 2002 the bumpstop was double the height with NO spacer  (early 2001 CityCoupe and earliest 2000 Cabrio) types.

Fitting the Spacer together with the taller bumpstop will reduce the shocker movement by 2cm and cause  unbelievable jarring of the car occupants when driving over the smallest road bumps....