have many Smart 450 ORIGINAL NEW Panels in Rare Colours / Styles -  Now unavailable anywhere

Finishes are -

  • Numeric-BLUE
  • Scratch-Black
  • Aqua-Orange
  • Aqua-Green
    which are incapable of being painted by anyone,

    and a NUMBER OF other smart original finished coloureds;
    Unless stated otherwise, they are NEW.

Smart ceased producing all 450 coloured panels in 2005/6. Starting 2006 they began to make only dull-black panels straight from the moulds, at the time telling all dealers to sell off all existing panels to be repainted, in a short timescale. We knew of many being scrapped, and set about buying what was left where we could find them, some involved driving nearly to  Berlin!

We have these few remaining panels from a stock we purchased from Smart Amsterdam when they closed down all the Smart Centres of Holland in 2011 and 12. We can't possibly find any more, there are none to be had, anywhere; don't ask! This has to be the only stock of new, original panels still available, worldwide.

Since 2007, we have been getting dozens of panels painted every month, so all is not lost if you can't find something here, you must go back to the previous section "450 Fortwo Panels Painted to Smart Factory Colours and Delivered "RTF"". We sell all 450 panels fully painted at an all-in price lower than a mercedes dealer will charge you just to have it painted. See details in the sections above. 

£ 125.00 each Rear Door COUPE - Numeric - NEW NUMRD
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