Terms Body Panels outside UK info


For overseas customers (not in UK) -

Parts purchased from this site are SOLD, not just to be viewed.

Due to the high cost involved for packaging and outward shipping from the UK, if we were to agree at all to accept items back it would be conditional on the acceptance by customer that they will bear the already expended outward shipping cost, and they themselves will pay for the return shipping; any damage occurring on the return leg being at customer's risk of having insured the package.

And where parts were correctly supplied according to the customer's order input, at our discretion a restocking fee will be levied before any refund/replacement is made. Any item sent as replacement because of original mis-order on customer's part, will obviously incur a charge to be paid by customer for return shipping cost of the wrong part(s) as well as the shipping cost of the second outward shipment to him.

Shipping prices to destinations like Australia, Hong Kong, US can in case of body panels easily exceed the item price, due to box size being grossed up to volume weight - CALCULATION used by all carriers is (Height x Weight x Length (in cm) then divided by 5000, so a 80x40x80cm box for a front wing/fender, weighing actual 5kg is now charged as volume weight of 51.2kg; we have a shipping contract giving us a 50% discount on standard rates, and customer is charged what we pay (details for your shipment are provided on request); we are aware the same item sent in opposite direction (i.e. to UK) at normal shipping rates, could be more expensive than our contract shipping rate ex UK; be warned.