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This site is dedicated to the Smart brand, supplying Body Panels and other essential Service/Repair Parts for all models 1996 to 2017.

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General Information

This website came from a Smart enthusiast who bought his first City-Coupe in Holland at the time of the main launch in 1998. An original white City Limited One (450) car was changed to Blue by himself in his hotel carpark, having seen it done at the Amsterdam Car Show, when that new colour appeared in 1999.

Limited One

This set a trend over next 6 years to swap colours on this and another car any number of times when many dealers were found to be selling off panels sets removed from new cars so they could give a customer their own colour choice - as for the dealer this was a crafty way to say they had found the right model in stock in only 3 days, when to get another car might take a month or longer from the factory. Later, when the new type 451 model arrived the upgrade panels for 2012> were self-fitted to 4 older year cars - you couldn't tell the difference.

2007 13s

This meant having great familiarity with the body panels removal and refitting process at will - in not much over an hour!

Replacement Body Panels - Painted in your colour :

We provide a unique service in supplying ready-painted body panels for the 450 fortwo (1997-2006), and 451 fortwo (2007-13). It results from when Smart ceased producing panels originally made in colours, and changing over to them now being unfinished dull black, painting now being customer's responsibility. The painting cost in the owner's own locality usually working out to way above (typically double) the cost of the panel itself. From 2014, the latest 453 model Smart's panels were supplied like this, only in dull black; this is in line with all other car manufacturers.

We use services of a local car paintshop, a separate independant repair business, who does work for many local used car dealers; we get a very favorable trade rate and pass it on, so we can sell our finished panels at prices often cheaper than customers can pay for painting alone in their own locality (i.e. saving one third of the potential full cost). The painting is done to order, being fitted in and around the paintshop's own work. We can also sell the panels unpainted, if customer really wishes to go their own route (but you are warned to check around for painters prices first !) And getting done cheap by a friend/mate doesn't always mean a good result, we have had panels back and got them repainted properly, after a customer had took that route.

To replace Smart panels is actually a very simple job - If you have ever built flat-pack furniture, or had a lego/meccano set when you were young - YOU CAN DO THIS - it is a nice satisfying feeling when you admire the result of your efforts (and just think of the labour cost if somebody else had done the same simple job for you). And let's face it, how many average people can claim to be an expert who knows how to change any sort of Smart car panels? You can very easily become your own expert. And this doesn't have to be just changing one or 2 damaged panels, if their smart was looking tired but still running well, we have had plenty of people who decided to refresh their old favorite car by changing the full 9 panels set to achieve a totally new look!

Any man, boy, lady, girl can do it - all that is needed is a size 25 torx screwdriver (we provide with every panel order) and small hammer; by simple removal of a few screws and clips the panels all come off and can be easily split apart - then simply reassemble substituting the new panel for the damaged one, you re-use those same screws and clips. Do the job in your own garage or outside, assemble them in your house, on a table, or the grass. We have watched in Germany as a 12 year old boy swapped an entire 9 panels set, unaided, in around 75 minutes....Plenty of pictures and films are available how to do it, all over the web....We are happy to provide as many tips as required.

AMAZE YOUR NEIGHBOURS. Comment heard as I was in London to change a full set - from Black to a special Orange colour -   " Hey - did you see that guy/lady changing the panels on that car?" The lady owner assisted me, I had arrived at 9am and on that summer Sunday morning everybody was soon at their windows as they opened their curtains, and plenty even came out into the street, to watch it all happen. When I was packing to leave around 10.30, the happy scene of people all thronging round the car, was amazing. This car was a 9 year old cabriolet,  still a great runner, but had looked very tatty - and now it was really like new again.



The only other source to buy coloured panels is from car dismantlers/breakers, which could be UP TO 22 YEARS OLD, SCUFFED, CRACKED, BROKEN. FILTHY - definitely needing REPAIR-WORK and REPAINTING ! or your cherished smart car won't look so good. And which are STILL sold at high prices, at or even higher than a new unpainted panel from Merc. Again, buy a panel needing repainting, a lot of preparation would be required to remove damage/scatches, adding more to the painting charge, by the finish you could easily pay more than for a new panel, supplied painted, from SmartBodyPanels. Something else, a lady commented they had driven a round 90 miles in a bigger car to buy an old panel, when the fuel cost worked out to be more than our shipping price......

Replacement - Shock-Absorber/Spring - Completely Built

We also offer a special replacement suspension service - fully-assembled front suspension legs. Broken springs, mainly front, have aways been a frequent problem with any Smart. Our ready-to-fit units save garage labour time - no dismantling, no spring-compressors, so less work/reassembly time; also better then reusing a potentially worn shock absorber. This ensures you will have a smooth ride.