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We are dedicated to the Smart brand, supplying Body Panels and other essential Service/Repair Parts for all models 1996 to 2017.

We are mail-order only, no walk-round store. Place your order here online.

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General Information

Site is run by Smart enthusiasts who's first contact with Smart was in late 1997 - buying an ex-demonstrator original Limited One in Holland, before the cars went on general sale in 1998. In the next 3 years it was a case of self-maintaining this car since no official Smart or Mercedes backup existed in UK for sales, servicing or supply of any parts until late 2000. A second car followed - still left hand drive at the time, and many parts including new different coloured body panels were fitted to this so as to update it to the 2003 facelift type; the same thing followed with later 451 models, fitting the 2012 upgrade panels to a 2008 car). We are very familiar with the body panels removal and refitting process, and have had various sets of panels at various times which could be swapped over frequently at will in not much over an hour!

Replacement Body Panels - Painted in your colour :

Our unique service in UK is of supplying ready-painted body panels for the 450 fortwo (1997-2006), and 451 fortwo (2007-13). Originally the panels were manufactured by Smart in colours; but the coloured production ceased as they moved on to each next generation cars, now there are only unfinished dull black panels straight from the moulds, and painting has become the customer's responsibility. If you don't know it, painting is EXPENSIVE. For the latest 2014> 453 fortwo and forfour models, all panels have been supplied from the outset in this same unfinished state, to be painted by the customer. This policy is in line with all other car manufacturers. We are not supplying 452 Roadster or the first Forfour model panels due to their size and lower demand.

Painting is done very locally for us at a separate bodyshop business, who do repairs for many local used car dealers; we pass on their very favorable trade rate, which means the finished panels are at prices often cheaper than customers can find for painting alone in their own locality. The painting is done to order, as our panels are fitted in around their own work. We do also sell the panels unpainted, if customer wishes to arrange painting him/her self (better to check around first!)

Any man, boy, lady, girl can change a Smart body panel - just remove a few screws and clips and the panels all come apart - then simply reassemble substituting the damaged panel with the new one, using those same screws and clips. Only a torx screwdriver or two required (low cost). I have watched a 12 year old boy in Germany, as he swapped an entire panel set (9 panels) in around 75 minutes....We send these panels world-wide.

The only other source to buy coloured panels would be from car dismantlers/breakers, which obviously will display wear/scuffs/scratches, even cracks, and these STILL sell at high prices; you will probably need to get them repainted! or your car won't look so good.

Replacement - Shock-Absorber/Spring - Completely Built

We also offer a special replacement suspension service - fully-assembled front suspension legs. Broken springs, mainly front, have aways been a frequent problem with any Smart. We supply these ready-to-fit units - which are cost-effective in saving garage labour - requiring no spring-compressors, less work in dismantling and reassembly time to refit a spring to what is potentially a worn shock absorber. This ensures you have a smooth ride. The cost is effectively offset by the reduced labour bill.