Why Choose Us?

  • Site-Owner was one of the first to buy an earliest Smart - CityCoupe Limited-One - late in 1997, from Smart Utrecht.

  • To bring car to UK, did own modifications in  Holland so it could be driven on left side of the road, this involved getting a UK company to make a MPH speedometer face, and special internal modification to the headlights or they would never pas the UK MoT. At that time nobody in UK sold the cars or knew how to service them.

  • Experienced the "wissel de kleur, wissel de AUTO" = "change the panel colours - change the CAR" from the very beginning, bought the first ever spare set of True Blue panels in 1999. Later on had 5 colour sets at one time to swap whenever felt like a change...

  • With another 2001 CityCoupe swapped all the front end panels headlights and rearlights to upgrade to look like 2003 facelift model

Why are our Body Panels better?

Fortwo Panels were originally sold by Smart in colours (450 and 451 models). They stopped this to save costs and stock space in their factory and at dealers

Now they make only dull-black, direct from the mold process, quite unsuitable to be fitted without proper preparation and painting. Painting is EXPENSIVE.

We have them painted to order by a small local painter - in any original colours, at a special trade rate which enables us to sell ready-to-fit painted panels for around the same cost to you as you might pay for the painting alone at your end.

We send to any country worldwide, shipping normally within a week (based on painters schedule). We always search for the most cost-efficient carrier.

If Smarts were never sold officially in your part of the world, this is the only source you will find to buy Smart parts.

How Much Are They?

450 - Rear Wing - £160
450 - Front - £190
Special - £5 OFF

What Else Do We Do ?

450 - Suspension - £160

ALL Smart fortwos and roadsters have a repetitive problem of front suspension springs breaking, and removal can be very difficult - requiring a garage to use special smaller-than-usual spring compressors to  do the job properly.

We supply fully built-up strut replacement units (with all new parts); and as it is always recommended to do both sides at the same time, this way to replace both sides takes less labour time than to strip and rebuild the side concerned, so FBYLG* or DIY** - so lower labour cost and more peace of mind; and a comfortable ride....

(FBYLG* Fit By Your Local Garage)

(DIY** Do It Yourself)